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False Allegations = Wrongful Convictions! No Proof Needed! Circumstantial Evidence Only!

 HELP~ STOP the EPIDEMIC that has Rocked OUR World! 

The Epidemic of wrongful convictions is spreading like wild fire! It needs to be stopped!!! 


Justin has nothing to do with this website or it's contents. Justin is not responsible for the attempt to stop wrongful convictions, his or anyone elses... therefore, the courts, state correction facilities, counselors, program affiliates, and any other persons in conjunction with his incarceration, release, safety or participation with any and all mandatory programs can NOT hold him responsibile for the content of this website or any other.

Please read the following document that was used for a speech that was given at the Freedom March in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on October 2nd, 2010.                                                                          

A loving family has fallen victim to the INJUSTof our judicial system. They as so many other families thought that these types of things only happened to other people! You know the ones~ we hear about on television…

The family and friends of this young man has learned a lot and continue to learn from this experience. They will never stop fighting for the innocent victims who are stuck in our Prison system because of a faulty judicial system.

We are sure you all can remember those nice phrases about American History that we were taught in school?

The ones like “Give me freedom or give me death”; “My freedom is not for sale”; “It’s better to let ten guilty men go free than one innocent man suffer?”

Well, we can forget about them because in today’s world they are not relevant. 

Freedom and Justice is dictated to the world by America but it is estimated that there are thousands of totally innocent people in the American prisons out of the 2.2 million or so people held there.

The judicial system is corrupt and it is sad because the lawyers know it, the judges and the DA’s know it, the Attorney General and Governor know it, and certainly the President knows it~ yet they all appear to not care and they do not intend on doing anything about it.

How can this happen?

Well, unless you or someone you love has been mixed up in the justice system, you probably don’t care.

When you see the police arresting someone on TV does it ever enter your mind that they may have the wrong man OR woman?

Of course not!

You will tell all your friends something like “Hey they caught the boyfriend who attacked his girlfriend.”

I witnessed a family who believed in the judicial system and that truth would prevail.

On July 8th, 2008~~~this loving family of a college student were proven wrong and the trust in our judicial system was depleted by their family and friends.  

This young man was wrongly convicted on a “HE SAID, SHE SAID” case. Please note, prior to this case… this young man had never been convicted nor ever spent even one day beh

ind bars.

This young man was the type who would rather view comedy than horror. Although the media made him out to be a monster and that is another problem with our judicial system.

The media is just one of the many reasons we have wrongful convictions.

A comprehensive study of 328 criminal cases over the last 15 years in which the convicted person was exonerated, suggests that there are thousands of innocent people in prison today.

According to the Senior Editor of Reason Magazine,  In 1976,  Freddie Peacock of 

Rochester, New York was convicted of rape and just this past February 2010 he was exonerated making him the 250th person to be exonerated by DNA testing since 1989.

As of September 2010, according to news report by the Innocence Project, those 250 prisoners served 3,160 years between them; 17 spent time on death row.

Remarkably, 67 percent of them were convicted after 2000—a decade after the onset of modern DNA testing. The obvious question here is, “How many more are there?”

So how does this happen?

 There are many reasons.

One of the main reasons is money. Without money a suspect is unable to hire the best lawyer or investigators while the prosecution has none of these restrictions.  While the Constitution guarantees that “A lawyer will be provided”, in all reality many of the public defenders have never been to trial and their only purpose is to get the accused to plead guilty.

The family of this young man spent over $10,000 on an attorney, Emmanuel Dimitriou, who passed away before the trial and had no choice on another attorney without having to pay, and note the family had no more money to spend.  This young man ended up with an incompetent attorney (Dimitriou's son-in-law~Kurt Geishauser) who basically sat there throughout the trial and said maybe two words and did absolutely nothing. Originally the judge sentences the young man to three years and the District Attorney demanded a longer tail which came out to be three to 15 years. The family was never informed what that meant.  They thought it was just a longer probation/parole time.  Please note that this young man nor his family were informed of the death of his attorney by the firm, but by a fellow inmate who read it in the paper.    

The so-called attorney, Kurt Geishauser, from Reading, Pennsylvania (who was basically a personal assistant to “Manny” (his chauffer as he would pull the car around when it was time to go, or he would track down a bottled water if Manny was thirsty) told the family that he would only serve two years since he had already served one so there was no need to appeal. That has been three years ago and they did not know where to turn. The families corporate attorney John Szajna (who knew Dimitriou) attended the sentencing and witnessed the response from Geishauser after the sentencing was complete. The young man who was incarcerated and his family tried to call Geishauser several times and the attorney never returned calls and by the time any answers were found the appeals timeframe had passed.    

Then the family tried to fight it after the deadline but has been turned down twice without even as much as a evidentary hearing. 

How about the attitude of the district attorneys who are sworn to uphold the Constitution?  

In actual fact, they are not concerned with truth or justice but rather with convictions. Ms. Tanner was out to convict regardless. The more convictions they can get, the more they feel they can convince the public that they are fighting crime and will get re-elected. Most will do everything that they can to avoid reopening any case where new evidence is presented. They do not want anyone that has been convicted to be found innocent.

There are several reasons for wrongful convictions…

Some of the common causes are not the only causes for wrongful conviction.  Each case is unique and many include a combination of those that I am about to name.

False confession:

The police will use any trick to get a confession out of a suspect, regardless of the truth. Some suspects are so frightened by them that they will agree to anything just to stop the abuse, which may be physical or psychological.  With the new found “he said, she said” epidemic that has rocked the world, this many times involves young adults who are scared and the police run with this in ways to get them to talk.

They will twist every word to make it sound as though they are admitting guilt.   (Even after you are wrongly convicted, there are programs that one must complete and admit guilt even when it never happened…this is a criteria for getting out of jail… Hmmmm, sounds like black mail to me!!!  Ask yourselves, would you admit guilt so that you can get out of jail or would you max out as to not have to admit guilt?  


It used to be illegal for any government agency to set up people for arrest, but not anymore. If one has “The willingness and capability,” he can be set up even if he had absolutely no intention of breaking the law.   The Drug Enforcement Administration uses this system on a regular basis.  For instance they target someone and offer them huge sums of money if they can introduce somebody who will sell drugs to them and then convict the target of conspiracy.


When someone is arrested for a crime, law enforcement often tells the person who is arrested that their crime will be forgiven if they name other people and give evidence against them. This evidence is known as “Hearsay,” AND is now accepted in court. 

 It does NOT matter if the named person or people are completely innocent, based solely on the word of the informant, they can be arrested and convicted. This is a lot like the “he said, she said” situation.

The above constitutes only a small selected amount from the rather large list. There are other causes such as; Lack of thorough police investigations, biased news reporting, judges favoring the prosecution, destruction of evidence.  

So, who benefits from the in just and corruption?

Just know this… Money Talks and the faulty judicial system are helping to keep many people working at the expense of some innocent people who are good upstanding citizens that are victims of their corruption.  Some of those benefiting from this horrendous system would be prison guards, prison food and canteen suppliers, lawyers, judges, expert witnesses, investigators, power companies, courtroom personnel, and telephone companies.

The programs that are required in order to get parole are only for the benefit of the prisons themselves. The more enrolled the more funding that they get. They will place a low risk into a high risk program to raise the revenue for such programs. It does not matter if the person needs the program or not; they are required to take it.

Does anyone care?

Believe it or not, some people DO care!

Various organizations have been formed to attempt to extract falsely accused persons from prison. Some of the organizations are;  The Innocence Project, Truth in Justice, America’s Wrongfully Convicted, National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform, and Citizen's for Change in America.  It is nearly impossible to get even these organizations to help because of funding. Most are only able to help when funds are available which comes from the public. Please help by donating. 








Justin is not saying that he is 100% innocent however, the worst that he was accused of~he did not commit. It is a fact that he could have counter sued the alleged victim because he was also a victim!  The alleged victim is as guilty as he but we did not know how to go about things since we've never had to. He was already considered "Guilty" before questioning ever began!



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